The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) was established in 1947, representing, with clear vision and professional expertise, non-governmental welfare agencies committed to sustain and develop social welfare in Hong Kong.

HKCSS has grown since then to become an umbrella organisation of over 400 Agency Member, that provide over 90% of the social welfare services for those in need through their 3,000 service units all over Hong Kong.

The Council and its member agencies believe in social justice and equality, and the intrinsic rights of every individual. While society is obliged to provide individuals with the basic social and economic resources to develop their potentials, individuals in turn should carry out their responsibilities towards their families and society, to be self-reliant and to achieve self-actualization.

The vision of HKCSS is to build a welfare sector that is highly accountable, efficient, effective and responsive to social needs, upholding the long-term sustainable development of society and the well-being of our citizens.

By enhancing accountability of social welfare service agencies; promoting improvement of social welfare services; facilitating agencies to better serve the community; advocating equality, justice, social integration and a caring society; setting the local welfare sector as a model of excellence in the international community, HKCSS promotes the development of social welfare together with its Agency Members.

About ITRC

Formally established in 2001, ITRC is a limited company (wholly owned by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) with the mission to develop a facilitating environment for NGOs to adopt ICT. With both creativity and technologies, we add value to IT solutions, so that the IT systems can be used in the many facets f social service provision. We also work with government and businesses to develop community resources and introduce them to the people in need. All in all, we are working towards a “Digitally Inclusive Society”.