Flag Bag Management System – Flag Bag Easy

System development of
the “Flag-bag Easy” was completed on 10 July 2015.  The Apps will be
available in App Store and Google Play in August 2015.


There were 12 NGOs
joined our pilot programme and most of the operations ran smoothly. Feedback
from NGOs were positive in terms of increased accuracy and enhanced efficiency
in tracking flag-bags.


The official system
launch was held on 9 July 2015 (Thursday), however only a brief introduction on
the system was made to the participants in view of the bad weather condition.
More than 70 participants attended the event and learnt about the
features and workflow of the system. 


NGOs can now apply
for service for flag day after 15 July 2015.  A lot of NGOs have already
indicated interests in using the system. The first post-pilot operation will be
conducted on 5 August 2015 (flag day of Senior Citizen Home Safety


Enquiries: 852-29229254/ flagbageasy@hkcss.org.hk