TechDonation Multi-Branch Eligibility

TechDonation Multi-Branch Eligibility
Individual service unit can register for a separate account


Good news! TechDonation relaxes the application eligibility for NGOs. With immediate effect, TechDonation accepts service units / branches of NGOs to register separate accounts. The change of policy allows multi-branch NGOs to enjoy more donated software licenses, and at the same time caters for the diverse needs of service units. 


Service units that apply for separate accounts are required to submit the proof of tax exemption status of their mother organizations (Hong Kong NGOs: Copy of Section 88 Certificate of Inland Revenue Department; Macau NGOs: Certificate for Associations of Macau Identification Department). In addition, the following criteria have to be fulfilled:


The service unit must have an individual address


If the NGO has various units within the same service complex, yet offering services for different target populations, each unit is permitted to register a separate account


If a unit has multiple service spots within a building/ area, offering similar services to the same community, the unit is not eligible for a separate account


Different service programmes/ projects within a unit is not eligible for a separate account


Points to note for separate account registration


Registering a separate account follows the normal application procedures which can be done online at


Please submit the online application in English and prefix the abbreviation of parent organization ito the unit name


Service unit will receive TechDonation’s email for the request of submitting the required documents for validation after submitting the online application


TechDonation may request the service unit to submit additional documents for validation


TechDonation reserves the right to decline any application if the service unit fails to provide necessary documents for validation


TechDonation retains the right to make final decision in case of any dispute


For further enquiry, please feel free to contact TechDonation customer service.


Telephone: (852) 2922-9258(853) 6630-3181