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As the major source of income for most non-profit organizations is donation, NGOs commonly lack the budget to purchase updated systems and software tools. With such limitation, work efficiency is greatly impacted. In this connection, we have implemented a partnership program with TechSoup Global to donate technological products and related relevant solutions that meet the needs of NGOs.

In the TechDonation Program, all eligible NGOs need to pay only small administration fee to acquire the offered IT products. Since the Program’s inception in 2007, there have been more than 1,800 local non-profit applicants (Hong Kong and Macau) registering as a beneficiary. Evidently, the Program has been helping NGOs to save their resources for other major causes and projects successfully.


[Important Notice]

微軟On-premises捐贈軟件  12月最後申領期限最新安排

微軟公司(Microsoft Corporation)早於本年10月公告會優化非牟利機構(NGO)雲端方案的策略方向。本會亦於11月及12月,分別舉行了4場簡介會,向機構會員講解相關內容及就捐贈計劃改動的應對措施。本會於12月7日,收到微軟公司公怖的最新改動,請留意以下重要日子

  1. 20211223日前

完成微軟On-premises捐贈產品的申領及繳費程序,方可享有Software Assurance

  1. 202217202243

    於Tech Donation平台上所申領的所有微軟捐贈產品將不包括Software Assurance。同時,申領微軟產品的程序會作出改變,申領程序較以往繁複,領取捐贈產品的限期或有所改動。(12月23日前已申領及繳費的產品不受影響。)

如有查詢,請致電2922 9258或 電郵致customerservice@techdonation.org.hk



[Important Notice]


科技捐贈計劃(TechDonation)是由社聯與美國非牟利機構TechSoup Global合辦。計劃自2007年12月開始,TechDonation為非牟利機構及慈善團體申領捐贈專業的科技產品。從而節省機構在資訊及通訊科技上的開支,提高各機構的服務質素及發展能力。 微軟公司(Microsoft Corporation),


TechDonation其中一個主要捐贈機構,於2021年10月4日正式公告會優化非牟利機構(NGO)雲端方案的策略方向 (詳見按此),並將於2022年4月4日停止提供On-premises產品的申領,其中包括Office 標準版、Windows Server及SQL Server等產品。 鑑於以上改變或影響 貴機構/單位未來的資訊及通訊科技上的預算和規劃,


本會誠邀 貴機構/單位出席下列簡介會,屆時將詳細介紹關於最後申領微軟產品事宜及後續的替補方案,







歡迎有興趣的機構/單位請按此報名參加。如有查詢,請致電 2922 9258 或電郵致customerservice@techdonation.org.hk。


[Important Notice]


Should you have any enquiries, please contact our customer service by TechDonation email or hotline.

The business hours are 09:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 17:00. Monday to Friday, except public holidays. Thank you!



TechDonation Team

Tel: (852)2922 9258

Fax: (852)2865 0823

Macau Whatsapp: 5486 4523

Website: http://www.techdonation.org.hk

Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk


[Important Notice]

Please be noted that Whatsapp hotline (Tel: 5486 4523) is now opened for Macau TechDonation users. Macau TechDonation users may either use Whatsapp message or Whatsapp call to contact our customer service. The service of number (853)6630 3181 will be terminated after 31 May, 2021.



Due to the recent outbreak of COVID, HKCSS will implement work from home policy starting from 2nd Dec to 15th Dec. Hence, the Techdonation customer service hotline will be temporarily suspended. If you have any enquiries or questions, please email to customerservice@techdonation.org.hk

Stay safe and take care!


Best Regards,

HK TechDonation Team

Website: http://www.techdonation.org.hk

Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk



 Current Hong Kong Coronavirus Issue


In view of the current COVID-19 situation. Starting from July 20, HKCSS has implemented special work arrangement. If you have any enquiries, please send email to customerservice@techdonation.org.hk. 

Stay safe and stay healthy!


HK TechDonation Customer Service

Tel: 852-2922 9258
Fax: 852-2865 0823



Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk[Important Notice]: to the Symantec Donation Program at TechSoup

By Marnie Webb

Urgent update to all current Symantec users: We were recently notified that current Symantec enterprise customers have received the email below from Broadcom. To ensure continued service, it is our understanding that users will need to switch over to a Broadcom account before May 1, 2020.



[Important Notice]: Current Hong Kong Coronavirus Issue 

Due to the current coronavirus issue in Hong Kong, our staff may take leave and implement home office policy. Please understand that our reply may take longer than usual. 

Thank you for your understanding.
Let's stay healthy together!


HK TechDonation Customer Service

Tel: 852-2922 9258/ 853-6630 3181
Fax: 852-2865 0823
Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk




[Important Notice]: Update on Software Donation Program

Be noticed that we will have a price increase with selective products in our catalogue this month. If you are still interested in acquiring these donated or discounted products, please check out your cart and complete your request. Please kindly take a look at below table and dates for your further actions. 

Please be reminded to submit your orders before the specific update dates and complete payment process by 30 Nov.



Update Date

Microsoft Donation

November 9th (sat)

Autodesk (all 5 products)

November 16th (sat)


November 16th (sat)

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection

November 16th (sat)


November 16th (sat)

Product Design Collection

November 16th (sat)

Media and Entertainment Collection

November 16th (sat)


November 16th (sat)

Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

November 16th (sat)

Veritas Backup Exec (BE)

November 16th (sat)

Zoom Pro Plan

November 16th (sat)


Thank you for all you do to for your communities.


HK TechDonation Customer Service

Tel: 852-2922 9258/ 853-6630 3181

Fax: 852-2865 0823

Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk




Update on Microsoft Software Donation Program

Today we’re sharing news from Microsoft and an update on planned changes to their program on TechDonation:


-          A blog post from Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact group recently laid out improvements and changes to their nonprofit offers and donation model, and

-          Some of these changes will impact the current Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechDonation, and may be of interest to your nonprofit or library. 


The recent blog post from Microsoft Philanthropies’ Tech for Social Impact group https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/?p=57515 shares their vision and commitment to ensuring that nonprofits, and those they serve, are not left behind as technology advancements accelerate.  Microsoft’s longstanding software donation program on TechDonation is evidence of their commitment to the sector.  TechDonation is engaging with Microsoft and more than 100 other technology providers to expand the ways we support access to technology solutions and services for nonprofits and libraries to help ensure you can affordably adopt and use the most effective technology to deliver your mission.


We’ve summarized below the Microsoft changes announced in their blog post that may influence your TechDonation experience.  Please take a few minutes to review, so that you can plan effectively for your technology needs. 


How will the current Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechDonation change on April 1st?


Product Selection:  Microsoft is optimizing its ‘on-premises’ product donations on meeting the needs of smaller organizations.  Standard versions of all Microsoft “on-premises” products will continue to be available as donations to eligible nonprofits and libraries through TechDonation.  Premium versions of Microsoft on-premises products will no longer be available as donated offers on TechDonation, but will be available with the same eligibility at a nonprofit discount.  There are no changes to donated cloud offers available from Microsoft.


Choice across all Donated Products on TechDonation:  Starting April 1, you can choose among any Microsoft donated products for your licensing without being limited by 10 title groups.


Program Rules and Eligibility Stay the Same:  Microsoft eligibility for donated offers through TechDonation remains the same.  These same eligibility rules are standardized across any source of Microsoft nonprofit discounts.  Donated license limits available over a 2-year cycle remain the same through TechDonation.


Assistance Learning About & Accessing Options:  Microsoft’s improvements and changes offer nonprofits a range of donations, discounts and licensing options.  TechDonation is committed to helping you understand the best options for your needs – whether donated or discounted, ‘on-premises’, cloud or hybrid.  Where possible, we will provide direct access in one easy place.


New and Noteworthy at microsoft.com/nonprofits:  In case you missed it in the blog post by Microsoft, we’re ‘calling out’ these exciting new direct offers for nonprofits you can get from Microsoft -- an Office 365 volunteer SKU, an expansion of Microsoft 365 with E3 and E5 offers, and Microsoft Surface to 10 new markets.


Thank you for all you do to for your communities.


HK TechDonation Customer Service

Tel: 852-2922 9258/ 853-6630 3181

Fax: 852-2865 0823

Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk


Technology for Good Day 2017 is open for registration!

The “Technology for Good Day” event, formerly known as “NGO Day”, has established itself as a key platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public and private sectors to exchange experience, develop partnership and explore new ICT and strategies in meeting social needs of all kinds. It also signifies the 13th year collaboration between Microsoft Hong Kong Limited and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in enhancing the ICT capability of NGOs.


The theme of this year is “The Complete Cloud for Modern Nonprofits – Achieve More for Social Good”. Fruitful programmes include conferences, break-out workshops, exhibition on cloud solutions, case sharing by NGO speakers, and 1:1 Ask the Expert professional consultation service. The details are as follows:


Date:    21st March 2017 (Tue)

Time:    10:00am – 5:30pm

Venue:  Microsoft Hong Kong Office @ Cyberport

Details and Free Registration: https://aka.ms/j59hl6




TechDonation Multi-Branch Eligibility

Individual service unit can register for a separate account


Good news! TechDonation relaxes the application eligibility for NGOs. With immediate effect, TechDonation accepts service units / branches of NGOs to register separate accounts. The change of policy allows multi-branch NGOs to enjoy more donated software licenses, and at the same time caters for the diverse needs of service units. 


Service units that apply for separate accounts are requiredto submit the proof of tax exemption status of their mother organizations (Hong Kong NGOs: Copy of Section 88 Certificate of Inland Revenue Department; Macau NGOs: Certificate for Associations of Macau Identification Department). In addition, the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

1.         The service unit must have an individual address

2.         If the NGO has various units within the same service complex, yet offering services for different target populations, each unit is permitted to register a separate account

3.         If a unit has multiple service spots within a building/ area, offering similar services to the same community, the unit is not eligible for a separate account

4.         Different service programmes/ projects within a unit is not eligible for a separate account


Points to note for separate account registration

-         Registering a separate account follows the normal application procedures which can be done online at www.techdonation.org.hk

-         Please submit the online application in English and prefix the abbreviation of parent organization ito theunit name

-         Service unit will receive TechDonation’s email for the request of submitting the required documents for validation after submitting the online application

-         TechDonation may request the service unit to submit additional documents for validation

-         TechDonation reserves the right to decline any application if the service unit fails to provide necessary documents for validation

-         TechDonation retains the right to make final decision in case of any dispute


For further enquiry, please feel free to contact TechDonation customer service.


Telephone: (852) 2922-9258/(853) 6630-3181

Email: customerservice@techdonation.org.hk 



Nonprofit Technology Conference
(March 23-25, 2016; San Jose, California, USA)


The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has secured funding from the Community Chest to subsidize 2 delegates on 50% basis to attend the captioned event.

Please click for the basic information of the event:
Basic Information of the Event
Application Criteria
Estimated Expenses per Delegate
Subsidy Application Form

Successful applicants are required to submit a written report and conduct a report-back session upon return to Hong Kong.

To apply for subsidy, please complete the Subsidy Application Form which can be downloaded from the noted website. Completed form should reach our Office on or before January 6, 2016 (Wednesday).

Attention: Ms. Grace Lai, Project Manager, Information Technology Resource Centre Limited (ITRC)
Address: Room 1102, 11/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Please mark “Confidential” on the envelope and all information will be treated in strict confidence. For queries, please contact Ms. Grace Lai at 2922 9252 or email to grace.lai@hkcss.org.hk. Please note that late applications will not be considered.

We look forward to your active participation. Thank you.