Logtica EGIS Web Application Firewall, 1 License

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Product Description

Logtica EGIS Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a web application firewall (virtual appliance) for protecting internet facing web applications by blocking over 95% web application attacks.


Benefits For Organizations

Logtica EGIS WAF is designed to offer an easy-to-deploy (virtual appliance), low-cost solution for SME or organization looking for protection against Web Application Attacks, but unable to afford the high cost and the complexity of a web application firewall.


Major Capabilities

With Logtica EGIS WAF, your web applications and businesses get 7 x 24 continuous robust protection against attacks, exploits and compromises without interrupting legitimate business traffic to and from your applications.


With a unique combination of advanced signature, behavioral, reputation and statistical analysis on bidirectional traffic, and a quick-to-install-and-configure platform, Logtica EGIS WAF, integrated with the Logtica Athena SIEM, provides the highest degree of protection to ensure the security and smooth operations of your web applications against a variety of cyber-attacks in the ever-growing threat landscape. Our security team continuously fine-tuned Logtica EGIS WAF to ensure your websites or web applications are protected from newly emerging threats.



1.      System Requirements

Required Software: EGIS WAF is a Virtual Appliance running on VMWare ESXi 5.5 or above

Processor: Intel Core 2 processor and later processors (or compatible equivalent)


Disk Space Required: 2GB


2.      Licensing

This donation provides 1 perpetual license. They do not expire, and upgrade/update (if any) would be done automatically. 



Doctor A Security provides support to customers:

Telephone Hotline: +852-2116-9833 (Monday to Friday except public holiday 09:30 – 17:30)

Email: cs@drasecurity.com


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